Summon and defeat Yagluth, the fifth boss in Valheim

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With this guide, you will know how to summon and defeat Yagluth, the fifth boss of Valheim.

You have defeated the first four bosses in Valheim. Now it's time for the fifth boss that you must summon if you want to join Valhalla.

Invoquer et vaincre Yagluth, le cinquième boss de Valheim


Yagluth drops a Yagluth trophy and a power that gives you additional resistance to elemental damage. On top of that, you get three “Yagluth things” objects. These are replacement items that have no use in the current version of the game.

Find Yagluth

Invoquer et vaincre Yagluth, le cinquième boss de Valheim

Explore the plains in search of a rune, giving you the position of Yagluth's summoning altar. This boss will always be in a “plains” biome.


Preparation is the most important thing in the Yagluth boss fight. He does not drop important objects, so there is no reason to rush to him. In this section, we're going to prepare to fight Yagluth by finding the best weapons, armor, food, and mead.


A black metal sword is your primary weapon against Yagluth, as well as a black metal shield to block some of his damage. You can also bring along a fully upgraded Draugr Fanged Bow. As well as a few needle arrows. But they won't do much damage!! So you should only use them if you need to take care of yourself.


You need padded armor for this fight! This requires iron to be made rather than black metal. The good news is that fully upgraded quilted armor is slightly cheaper than previous armors.


By this point in the game, you should have achieved a fairly impressive barley production. Which means you'll have access to all the best food in the game. For the fight, eat and pack blood sausage, fish wraps, and lox pies. It will give you a ridiculous amount of health and stamina.

Stuff pour vaincre Yagluth


Fire-resistant barley wine is a must for Yagluth, as it frequently invokes flames around him during combat. With the added resistance, you should be able to take quite a bit of damage without having to flee the fight. Bring as many medium care drinks and endurance drinks as possible in case you need them.

Another tool: tasty mead, which reduces your HP regeneration in exchange for much faster endurance regeneration. This is obviously dangerous, but the extra stamina regeneration can be useful to deal more damage to Yagluth, or to allow you to flee some of his attacks. The use of this mead is purely a personal preference, however.

Summon Yagluth

Yagluth is summoned by placing five Fuling Totems in the center of the Mystic Altar of Yagluth. There are five circles in the center of the altar where you can interact and place the totems while they are on your taskbar.

Where can I find Fuling Totems?

You won't need to go very far, as the Fulings are inhabitants of the Plains biome. You can often find Fuling Totems inside Fuling villages and outposts, so keep an eye out for them while looking for the Vegvisir. Occasionally, a defeated Fuling berserker will also drop a totem.

Once you place the fifth Fuling totem in the altar, Yagluth, the final boss of Valheim, will appear in front of you in the form of a gigantic glowing purple half-skeleton.

Totem de Yagluth


Yagluth's fist glows blue, and he raises it in the air before shooting him down and dealing damage in a small area around him. This ability is very slow and easy to dodge.

Yagluth's fist glows red and it summons a meteor shower that targets players. These aren't too hard to dodge as long as you start running as soon as he summons them and don't stop until the rain is over.

Yagluth backs up his head and fires shots in a straight line and in slow rotation. This can technically be blocked by a shield for a short time, but it's best to run on the side of it. Don't try to run away as the range is extremely long. You can use the pillars on its summoning platform to block the fire, but the fire beam destroys other pieces of land such as rocks as soon as it hits them.

Invoquer et vaincre Yagluth, le cinquième boss de Valheim

Defeat Yagluth

Above all, you will have to fight Yagluth up close. Use your shield and sword and focus on three-hit combos. He has a lot of health, but the fight shouldn't be as long as the others in the game.

With fully upgraded armor and fire resistance wine active during combat, there's not much about Yagluth that should scare you off. You can probably resist his blue fist attack and keep punching him, but you should avoid his firelight and meteors as they do a bit more damage and put you in danger. If your health falls too low, run away and let it regenerate while dodging attacks and shooting an arrow at Yagluth from time to time to make sure he doesn't regenerate his own health.

Additional enemies are an additional complication that can be added to combat. As enemies on the plains tend to move, additional Fulings and Deathsquitos sometimes join the fight. Be sure to take care of them as soon as you see them, but always know what attack Yagluth is using so you know how to dodge it, even if you are distracted.

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