How to back up your Valheim server

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Time required: 4 minutes.

You are afraid of not finding the world you were in and you therefore want to know how to back up your Valheim server? This tutorial is made for you!

1. Go to the “Users” folder on your PC

To save your Valheim server, you will have to open the file “Users”, go to your personal username if you have multiple sessions.

Then click on the folder “AppData”. If you did not have a problem viewing this folder, Go directly to part 2.

lookout : By default, this folder is “hidden”, if you don't have it, go to the tab “Display”.

Then go to “Options” then “Change folder and search options”.

A window “Folder options” opens, go to “Display” then in the section “Hidden files and folders”.

Check the box “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” then click on “Apply”.

2. Go to the “AppData” folder

After clicking on “AppData” Go to “LocalLow” and finally on “IronGate”.

You find yourself on the file “Valheim”.

You should therefore have the following path from the beginning of the tutorial:

: C:\Utilisateurs\Username\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim

Reminder: the mention “Username” is simply the name of your computer.

3. Copy the Valheim folder

Once on the file “Valheim” , make a copy of this file.

4. Keep your game copy

Here, several solutions are available to you to copy your game copy.

You can copy it to your desktop, to be sure to find it again with the risk of losing it if your computer no longer works.

A more secure option, you can store the copy on a USB stick for example, in order to be sure to save your backup even in the event that your computer no longer works.

You can also keep your copy on a cloud.

5. Save your progress often

Backups are not done automatically, be sure to do the operation described above regularly so as not to lose your progress.

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