A manager, to configure them all.

To help as many of you as possible, we have designed a simple and intuitive manager to allow you to configure your server to your liking. Install, manage, configure all aspects of your server in one click.
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The main actions, quickly accessible

We have designed and redesigned our interface so that all the functionalities are accessible quickly and easily. Sent asynchronously, the commands are sent to the servers instantly without making you wait.

Easy Mod Management

Each plugin or mod is specific and requires more or less profound changes to the game server files. It is always a critical and meticulous operation, it took us more than 15 years to find the best way to install, uninstall or update a mod or plugin without compromising the integrity of the files on your server, depending on the version.

Real-time performance visualization

The new manager constantly opens a socket with the server to return exactly the amount of memory or CPU used. This makes it possible to monitor the limits, but also to detect if there is a problem very effectively, all in real time.

A clean, easy to use interface

The manager is as easy to use on a PC as it is on a phone or tablet. Our ambition from the beginning has been to make it so that you can modify or activate functionalities as quickly and easily as possible, no matter where you are.

Ready to get started?

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