Summon and defeat the Elder, the second boss in Valheim

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Thanks to this guide, you will know how to summon and defeat the Elder the second boss of Valheim.

You have defeated Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim. After making the deer antler pickaxe, you are now looking for the Elder, the second boss you must summon if you want to join Valhalla.

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  • Swamp Key, which unlocks the crypts of the swamp biome.
  • Seniors' Trophy
  • Power of seniors

Finding the Elder

The Elder is the second boss in Valheim.

You can find out the location of the Elder by interacting with the runestones in the burial chambers of the Black Forest.

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With the pickaxe available after defeating Eikthyr, you'll have to do a lot of mining and smelting before you face the Elder. (see guide) Eikthyr)

Get ready with brass armor, a quality bow, lots of fire arrows, and healing potions if you've unlocked them. Fire damage is the best way to take down the Elder, and you'll need lots of flaming arrows. Additionally, you can try to set campfires in his summoning area, he could step on them by chasing you and take additional fire damage.

Summon the Elder

Summon the Elder the second boss of Valheim using three Ancient Seeds. These can be found by bullies and gray dwarf shamans, and by destroying the nests of gray dwarves. Burning three ancient seeds on the Elder's altar in the Black Forest will summon him.

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The Elder has three attacks. In melee, it stomps players with an area of effect attack, which does damage even if it doesn't directly hit you. It also has a remote attack where it fires vines as projectiles. In addition, he can summon creepers from the ground around players, who will launch and attack.

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Defeat the Elder

Once the Elder Summons the second boss of Valheim, use the pillars in his summoning area to block incoming burl projectiles, and go out to hit him with arrows. Move when he summons vines from the ground, and get out of their reach. Try to avoid attacking it too far into the woods, as you may attract other gray dwarf or troll enemies nearby. You don't need that headache, so stay close to his altar during the battle.

When the Elder has been defeated, placing his trophy on the sacrificial stone will give you a power that increases your speed at cutting wood.

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