How to connect to a Valheim server on Xbox

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Valheim is now available on Xbox with the possibility of playing crossplay on Xbox and PC! So you can play on the same server with your friends, whether they play on Xbox or on PC.

To start, you have to rent a Valheim server, your server will be delivered instantly. The first thing to do is activate the “Crossplay” option via the manager.

Activate the “Crossplay” option, then click on “Edit” for the changes to be taken into account. You can also set a custom password.

Then simply start the server by clicking on the “Play” button. Wait a minute for the server to launch.

Click on the “Play” icon to launch the server

Once the server is launched, the dot is displayed in green, you can connect! To do this, go to the game, then “Start Game”. Choose your character, then click on the “Join Game” tab. Finally, click on “Add Server” to add a server, and enter the connection address displayed on your manager. It is in the form: 127.0.0. 1:3256. Remember to enter the IP and its port (the two dots followed by 4 numbers).

Enter the login address in the game then click on “Add server”.

The server is added to the list of your servers, you can select it and connect to it. The game will then ask for the password you set earlier.

There you are in the game! All you have to do is start your adventure

There you go, you are on the server! Your friends can join you on Xbox and PC the same way, the menus are the same for all versions! Do not hesitate to contact us on the strut if you need a hand.

Note that the mods are not available for the Xbox version, so you will have to stay in the classic version of Valheim.