Summon and defeat Moder, the fourth boss in Valheim

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Invoquer et vaincre Moder

With this guide, you will know how to summon and defeat Moder, the fourth boss of Valheim.

You have defeated Eikthyr, the first boss, the Elder the second, and finally Bone Mass.

After making the wolf armor. Made after hunting wolves and using Bone Mass's wishbone to find money. You are now looking for Moder. The fourth boss that you must summon if you want to join Valhalla.


  • Dragon tears, unlock the ability to make black metal.
  • Moder Trophy
  • Power of Moder

Find Moder

To find Moder's location, look at the stone buildings in the mountains. And look for a rune stone that you can interact with.

Invoquer et vaincre Moder


You will need protection from the cold in the Mountain biome.

Make wolf armor after hunting and using Bone Mass's wishbone to find money.

Then, making frost-resistant mead is a good idea.

Summon Moder

Moder is the fourth boss in Valheim, a dragon that can be summoned to the top of a mountain.

To summon Moder, bring three dragon eggs to his altar.

Valheim's dragon eggs are found in drake's nests in the mountains (they weigh 200 pounds each, so you'll only be able to carry one at a time, unless you're playing as a team).

Invoquer et vaincre Moder


Moder to multiple attacks. On the ground, she will sweep with her front claws for a melee attack. In addition, it can use the wind of the blizzard, which greatly slows down players' movement by freezing them if it touches them. In flight, Moder can launch projectiles from its mouth that crystallize on impact.

Invoquer et vaincre Moder

Defeat Moder

Most of Moder's attacks can be avoided if you dodge quickly. You can spot Moder preparing for a breath attack and get out of the way.

Plus, his melee attack is also easy to see coming. The main problem is that it has a large number of health points and it takes a long time to take it down.

Attack from a distance with the best bow you have and arrows that do damage over time, especially poison arrows. Stay out of melee range when you're on the ground, but stay close enough that you can hit her with your arrows until you defeat her.

When Moder has been defeated, placing his trophy on the sacrificial stone will give you a power that you can use while sailing to keep the wind in your back no matter which direction you go.

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