Setting up a Minecraft server config

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Time required: 10 minutes.

Setting up a Minecraft server! List of options and their definition to make it easier for you to configure your server.

  1. Go to your manager Go to your manager and click on the “Configuration” tab
  2. Change options view-distance: Set the server display distance
    max-build-height: Set the maximum construction height
    level-seed: Define seed for map generation
    gamemode: Define the desired gameplay mode
    Allow-Nether: Activate the Nether
    enable-command-block: Activate command blocks
    op-permission-level: Set the permission level granted when commanding /op
    resource-pack: Suggest an optional texture pack
    level-name: Define the name of the card to be launched
    player-idle-timeout: Set the AFK time before the server kicks
    motd: Define the message displayed in the server list
    force-gamemode: Force the player to connect to the default gamemode
    hardcore: Activate the Hardcore mod (if someone dies they are put as a spectator)
    Whitelist: Activate the whitelist
    broadcast-console-to-ops: Show orders made to all OPs
    pvp: Activate PvP
    spawn-npcs: Activate NPC spawn
    generate-structures: Generate structures
    spawn-animals: Activate the spawn of passive mobs
    difficulty: Define server difficulty
    level-type: Define the type of world generated
    spawn-monsters: Activate mob spawn
    max-tick-time: Define how long a tick can take before crashing the server
    enforce-whitelist: Players not on the whitelist get kicked
    resource-pack-sha1: Force the use of a pack resource
    spawn-protection: Define the spawn protection radius
    online-mode: Force official Minecraft accounts
    allow-flight: Allow flight
    max-world-size: Define the maximum size of the world
  3. Back up and reboot the server

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