Summon and defeat Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim

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Thanks to this guide, you will know how to summon and defeat Eikthyr, the first boss of Valheim.

Let's go back to the beginning. Before summoning the first boss, you are faced with a fairly delicate situation. When you start Valheim, you know that you did not have the right to Odin's favors and you cannot access Valhalla. You must therefore perform rituals to eliminate the 5 fallen.


  • Eikthyr Trophy
  • Fallen Power
  • Specialty woods

The first boss is Eikthyr, a large deer whose antlers are surrounded by electrified chains. Defeating Eikthyr will allow you to unlock the deer antler pickaxe that will be very useful in the Valheim adventure.

To perform the ritual of invoking Eikthyr, you will need to collect certain objects in order to make the offering at the altar that will make him appear.

Hunting deer 

The deer statue near the altar will give you an essential clue for summoning the first boss: you have to hunt deer!

To drive them away, do not hesitate to approach them from behind in silence so as not to scare them away.

To summon and defeat the first boss in Valheim, you need to get two deer trophies by hunting them. These trophies will allow you to summon Eikthyr once you have made the offering.

To make the offering, put your two trophies in your shortcut bar and use them on the “Mystical Altar” altar.

Once the offering is made, you are ready to summon and defeat the first boss!

Defeat the boss Eikthyr

To defeat Eikhtyr, it is advisable to have a shield with you to protect yourself from his attacks.

To do damage to him, it is advisable to have a flint ax.

From the start of the animation that enthroned Eikthyr, you can hit him without him being able to attack you, enjoy it.

Do not hesitate to position yourself behind the boss in order to maintain control over the fight. Remember that this giant deer can send big electric shocks with its antlers!

Congratulations, you have summoned with and beaten the first boss of Valheim! But what should you do after that?

Make the deer antler pickaxe

On the carcass of your opponent of the day, you will be able to receive the hardwood as well as the Eikthyr trophy.

You will have at your disposal the new recipe to make the deer antler pickaxe from a Craft workbench: you will need 10 standard pieces of wood that you can get from the trees as well as the hardwood that you collected by defeating the boss. Now you can get new resources like copper or tin.

Don't forget to use your Eikthyr trophy, go to the sacrificial stones.

Make the offering of the boss trophy which will allow you to unlock a new power: a bonus that will improve your ability to run and jump.

You have successfully summoned and defeated the first boss in Valheim. It's time to get ready for the second boss!

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