How to play with a controller in Valheim

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Time required: 3 minutes

Do you want to know how to play with a controller in Valheim? This guide is made for you!

1. Choosing your controller 

If you have multiple controllers, select the one you want to use and preferably the most recent one: each model is supported but has different and sometimes unique features!

2. Setting up your controller on Steam

On the Steam desktop, select “Steam” then “Settings”.

Then, then select “Joystick”. In this menu, you can change the general settings of your controller.

Attention, if you are using a generic controller such as PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, check that the box “Setup Assistance” corresponding to your controller be checked.

Also, make sure your controller is plugged in. All detected and compatible joysticks will appear with the configurator.

3. Use your controller on Valheim

Valheim is a game that supports controllers when you look at the game page on Steam.

However, it is currently a “partial” support despite numerous feedback from the community who affirms that the game is playable with the controller without any difficulty or need to use the keyboard.

If you launch Valheim and the controller does not connect, go to the menu “Options” Of the game then “Orders” then activate “Gamepad Enabled”.

If that doesn't work, start the mode “Big Picture” from Steam to make sure that your controller is recognized by Steam.

4. Fix controller bugs

Sometimes the connection between Valheim and your controller may be difficult. So, we are going to detail some solutions to try to solve these bugs.

Make sure your controller is on before starting Valheim.

Make sure again that the controller you are using is checked in the Steam settings.

Go to the Windows 10 device managers, uninstall your controller, and install it again.

Unplug and reconnect your controllers so that the drivers are automatically installed.

Now you know how to play with a controller in Valheim!

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