5 good reasons to embark on the Valheim adventure

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Why play in Valheim? Nitroserv is developing 5 good reasons for you to embark on the Valheim adventure, this new survival built around the Vikings.

A very affordable game that doesn't require a state-of-the-art setup.

Valheim is a really affordable game, you will find it at the price of €16.79 on Steam.

Nitroserv knows what you're going to say “an affordable game usually ends quickly” and yes! Despite the fact that the current version is “early access”. Valheim offers its young Vikings in the making dozens of hours of play to face its various bosses.

Now let's talk about the configuration aspect. This is one of the main concerns for PC gamers. And for good reason, it seems useless to buy a game if your computer can't run it!

Here, Valheim is doing well in the community as it requires at least a “modest” configuration. This way, most players will be able to let themselves be tempted by this adventure without fear.

To go into more detail on the minimum system requirements, you'll need to have at least Windows 7.

On the CPU side, a 2.6 GHz Dual Core or similar should do the trick.

For RAM, 4GB is recommended as well as a GTX 500 or similar graphics card.

A very stable game that cuts a good figure in its field.

One of the 5 good reasons to embark on the Valheim adventure is the stability of the game. Indeed, for many years, the PC platform has welcomed survivals like Rust or DayZ. These games have the same problem; repeated technical problems that make the gaming experience difficult and frustrating for the player. Despite this, these games have real enthusiasm from the community.

For the Valheim community, the result is quite different. However, the game is still under development and is only at the beginning of a long story. Valheim is already among the best games in this field. At present, Valheim offers exemplary stability.

Despite some bugs, if you invest in Valheim you will be unable to get out of this universe once immersed in it.

A game released at the right time

At a time when the world is still affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Gaming communities were able to test numerous games and spend time on their favorite licenses.

In May 2021, nothing changes, or almost nothing. The year 2020 saw the birth of two successful titles: Among US and Phasmophobia. These games were quickly popular thanks to Twitch. But also thanks to health restrictions that have made gamers curious about new styles of games.

This year, the surprise is obviously Valheim, which was very successful in a short period of time. The current period has certainly contributed to this success but Valheim's success story is a bit more complex.

If the survival game is no longer a market leader today. Followers were looking for and waiting for a new op to try. A new reliable survival, of quality to relaunch a trend that has been around for some time. Unsurprisingly, Valheim took on this role wonderfully and was thus able to pull out all the stops.

Survival fan or simply curious about the Valheim hype? This game is just the right time if you are looking for a refresher.

A game with a real plot

One of the 5 reasons to embark on the Valheim adventure is also that this game is a work that is not yet complete. The game created by Iron Gate has a bright future ahead of it with the development of its final version, and yet, the game already offers a polished and engaging experience.

The players who tell about their experiences on Valheim are unanimous: the game offers a certain depth while it is only at the partially completed stage of play. Thus, with more than 30 hours of play, players have generally overcome 3 bosses, knowing that in total, Valheim currently offers 5.

Add to that a multitude of features to discover and a certain in-game freedom that will allow the player to build his world and customize it as he pleases, just like Minecraft. We are also seeing a multitude of mods being created by the community, which is very concerned with the idea of making the game even better.

Note: If you want to install mods on Valheim, you can follow our guide.

Valheim is an attractive game, it is full of constant surprises and it is thanks to this advantage that the game manages to keep players on the edge of their seats.

At any time, Valheim will surprise and delight you with the gaming experience it offers and that is far too important for you to leave the opportunity to play such a spun game in your hands.

A game that shakes up the rules

You will feel in your universe if you have already played survival games like ARK or Rust, but Valheim already excels among these games by breaking some codes that are well established in this type of game.

For example, instead of having to frantically generate several counters as usual, the player only has one gauge to monitor: food.

However, your Viking will not starve if you do not eat, you will simply have poorer health.

As your game progresses, you will be more and more directed to looking for items to eat.

Beyond survival, which is a concept revisited for Valheim, we feel that the developers have focused on exploration, discovery but also on creation, like Minecraft as we already talked about previously.

The pace of play is deliberately “slow” so that the player can fully enjoy the gaming experience.

The moment we are currently living with Valheim is probably very close to the time when Minecraft was at its peak. Valheim is still a relatively new game, there is not yet a complete guide describing all the subtleties and elements of the game. Take the opportunity to start the adventure before it's too late!

Finally, the best reason to embark on the Valheim adventure: there will probably be no better time to enjoy and enjoy a game as rich as Valheim as it is today.

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