Setting up Valheim Plus on a server

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Time required: 4 minutes.

After explaining to you how install Valheim Plus on a server, we are going to show you how to set it up.

1. Go to the server files

The configuration is edited via FTP, so you must edit the following file:


We will now show you 3 different Valheim Plus configurations, to be created on your server according to your desires.

2. Setup 1

Among the lines of code, if you activate “EnforceConfiguration” as well as “EnforceMod” You allow access to your server only to those who have the same configuration and the same mod version as yours. So you can only join servers with the same mod and the same configuration as yours.

3. Setup 2

Conversely, if you deactivated “EnforceConfiguration” as well as “EnforceMod”, you have the possibility to join all the servers.

4. Setup 3

If you have deactivated “EnforceConfiguration” but that you activated “EnforceMod”, you will be able to join all servers that have Valheim Plus installed on the sole condition that the versions are identical.

You now know how to set up Valheim Plus on your server!

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