Use Valheim controls

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This step-by-step guide shows you how to use Valheim controls!

Activate the in-game console

You have to add -console in the options for launching the game on Steam. Then, once in the game and connected to the server, simply press the F5 key.

Server administration commands
help: Show command list info: Show general server information
save: Force the world to be saved
ping: Show the latency with the server
kick [name/IP/userid]: Exclude a player from the server
ban [name/ip/userid]: Ban a player from the server
unban [name/IP/userid]: Unban a player from the server
banned: Show the list of banned players
lodbias [0-5]: Set server display distance

Cheat commands (solo only)
god: Activate god mode
pos: Show your current location on the map
goto [x, z]: Teleport to specified coordinates
killall: Kill nearby enemies
Tame: Tame all nearby creatures
exploremap: Reveal the full map
resetmap: Reset the exploration map
location: Know your spawn coordinates
freefly: Activate free flight photo mode
ffsmooth: Adjust the fluidity of the freefly photo mode
event [name]: Start an event
stopevent: Stop the current event
raiseskill [skill] [amount]: Increase the level of the desired skill
resetcharacter: Resetting the character to zero
dpsdebug: Show server DPS
removedrops: Remove all items in the zone
resetwind: Reset wind direction
players [nr]: Adjust the difficulty. Enter 0 to reset the difficulty

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