Set up OP (admin) on a server

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Time required: 5 minutes.

Several options are available to become an administrator (OP) on your Minecraft server.
Here is a tutorial that details each method:

  1. Through the manager - Go to your manager
    Click on “Player Management”

    - Give a rank to a player
    Add a player and choose their permission level. Details on the different permission levels are written at the top of the page.

    - Click on save

    - Restart your server
  2. Through the console If RCON is activated on your server, simply type /op your nickname in the manager console.
  3. Via FTP

- Go to
Enter your Minecraft nickname and copy the FULL UUID line

- Connect to your FTP
Edit the ops.json file as shown below

“uuid”: “54d61e19-71cc-477d-8215-8a11c41f5211",
“name”: “nickname”,
“level”: 4

- Restart your server

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