Installing mods on a server

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Time required: 5 minutes.

Install mods on a Minecraft server using this guide. Attention, the installation of mods is only possible on our offers Gold or higher (installing mods is not possible on the Cobble offer).

Easy mod installation for versions equal to or greater than 1.12:

On the manager just click on the “Minecraft 1.xx.xx - Forge” version. You must then go to your FTP and drag the mods of the corresponding version into the mods folder.

For versions prior to 1.12:

  1. Install the version of Forge that matches your mods To do this you must: click on ; select the desired version and finally download the “Windows Installer” in the “Download Recommended” box
  2. Create a “Forge” folder on your desktop Nothing could be easier!
    First, you will need to create an empty folder called “Forge” on your desktop, then run the downloaded file, then click on “Install server” and finally choose the path to the created “Forge” folder.
  3. Create a “mods” folder To do this, in the “Forge” folder; create a “mods” folder and add the desired mods
  4. Connect to your FTP Drag and drop all the files in the “Forge” folder created previously, then put them directly into the “Minecraft” folder on the FTP
  5. Rename the “forge-version” .jar file
  6. Rename the.jar file named “forge-version” to "monserveur.jar”
  1. Restart your server Finally, choose the “JAR custom - Java 8 (monserveur.jar)” version and finally restart your server

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