Add admins to a server

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Time required: 3 minutes.

How to be admin on your Valheim server

  1. Access your FTP Go to.config/unity3d/irongate/valheim (if the folder is not visible you must show the hidden folders in FileZilla or Cyberduck)
  2. Download the file adminlist.txt Edit the adminlist.txt file with a word processor (notepad for example)
  3. Write your SteamID64
  4. Write your SteamID64, only one per line if there are several admins (Recoverable on Or directly in game by pressing F2)
  1. Put the file back on its server Put the modified “adminlist” file back via FTP on your server
  2. Restart your server All you have to do is restart the server to apply the changes.

For information, cheat commands are not yet available on the servers.

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