List of settings in the PalWorldSettings.ini configuration file

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Locate the PalWorldSettings.ini config file

Your Palworld server configuration file, PalWorldSettings.ini, is the foundation for configuring the server. To access this essential document, go to the Saved/Config/LinuxServer directory on your FTP. In this folder, you will find the PalWorldSettings.ini file, which contains the multiple parameters that govern the operation of your server.

Understanding the language of personalization

The PalWorldSettings.ini file uses a structured key-value format, where each parameter is represented by a key in square brackets and a corresponding value that determines the specific parameter. For example, the following line adjusts the speed rate for the day:

OptionSettings= (dayTimeSpeedRate=1.000000)

Here, the “DayTimeSpeedRate” key controls the progress of game time during daylight hours, and its value, 1.000,000, indicates normal speed. By changing these values, you can speed up or slow down the game's progress as you like.

List of possible configurations:

Difficulty: Adjusts the overall difficulty of the game.
DaytimeSpeedRate: Change the speed of game time during the day.
NightTimeSpeedRate: Change the speed of the game time during the night.
ExpRate: Changes the experience gain rate for players and creatures.
PalCaptureRate: Adjusts the rate at which Pal creatures can be captured.
PalspawnNumRate: Adjusts the rate at which Pal creatures spawn.
PaldamageRateAttack: Refine the damage done by Pal creatures.
PaldamageRateDefense: Refine the damage taken by Pal creatures.
PlayerDamageRateAttack: Refine the damage done by the player.
PlayerDamageRateDefense: Refine the damage taken by the player.
PlayersToMachDecreaserate: Adjusts the rate of decrease in the player's stomach.
PlayerStaminadeCreaserate: Adjusts the rate at which the player's stamina decreases.
PlayerAutoHPregenerate: Adjusts the automatic regeneration rate of the player's health.
PlayerAutoHPreGenerateInSleep: Adjusts the automatic regeneration rate of the player's health while sleeping.
PalstomachDecreaserate: Adjusts the rate at which Pal creatures' stomachs decrease.
PalstaminadeCreaserate: Adjusts the rate at which Pal creatures decrease their stamina.
PalAutoHPregenerate: Adjusts the automatic health regeneration rate of Pal creatures.
PalAutoHPreGenerateInSleep: Adjusts the automatic health regeneration rate of Pal creatures while sleeping.
buildObjectDamageRate: Adjusts the rate at which built objects take damage.
buildObjectDeteriorationDamageRate: Adjusts the rate at which built objects deteriorate.
CollectionDroprate: Adjusts the drop rate of collected items.
collectionObjectPrate: Adjusts the health of collected objects.
CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedrate: Adjusts the speed at which collected objects respawn.
EnemyDropItemRate: Adjusts the rate at which items are dropped by defeated enemies.
DeathPenalty: Defines the penalty in case of player death (for example, All, None).
BeNablePlayerToPlayerDamage: Enables or disables player-to-player damage.
BenableFriendlyFire: Enables or disables friendly fire.
BenableInvaderEnemy: Activates or deactivates invading enemies.
bActiveUnko: Activates or deactivates UNKO (Nocturne Unidentified Knock-off).
BenableAIMassistpad: Activates or deactivates aim assist for joysticks.
BeNableAimAssistKeyboard: Enables or disables aim assist for keyboards.
dropItemMaxNum: Set the maximum number of items dropped in the game.
dropItemMaxNum_Unko: Set the maximum number of UNKO objects dropped in the game.
BaseCampMaxNum: Defines the maximum number of base camps that can be built.
BaseCampWorkerMaxNum: Defines the maximum number of workers in a base camp.
dropiteMaliveMaxHours: Set the maximum amount of time that objects remain alive after being dropped.
BAutoResetGuildNoOnlinePlayers: Automatically resets guilds without online players.
AutoResetGuildTimenoOnlinePlayers: Defines the time after which guilds without online players are automatically reset.
GuildPlayerMaxNum: Defines the maximum number of players in a guild.
PaleggDefaultAtchingTime: Set the default hatching time for Pal eggs.
WorkSpeedrate: Adjusts the overall speed of work in the game.
BISMultiplay: Activates or deactivates multiplayer mode.
BisPvP: Activates or deactivates player versus player (PvP) mode.
BcanPickupotherGuildDeathPenaltyDrop: Enables or disables the collection of death penalties from other guilds.
BenableNonLoginPenalty: Activates or deactivates penalties in case of non-connection.
BenableFastTravel: Enables or disables fast travel.
bisStartLocationSelectByMap: Enables or disables the selection of starting locations on the map.
bExistPlayerAfterLogout: Enables or disables players' existence after disconnecting.
BeNableDefenseOtherGuildPlayer: Enables or disables the defense of players in other guilds.
CoopPlayerMaxNum: Defines the maximum number of cooperative players in a session.
ServerPlayerMaxNum: Defines the maximum number of players allowed on the server.
ServerName: Defines the name of the Palworld server.
serverDescription: Provides a description for the Palworld server.
adminPassword: Set the password for server administration.
ServerPassword: Set the password to join the Palworld server.
publicPort: Define the public port for the Palworld server.
publicIP: Defines the public IP address for the Palworld server.
RconEnabled: Enables or disables the Remote Console (RCON) for server administration.
RConPort: Defines the port for Remote Console (RCON) communication.
Region: Defines the Palworld server region.
BuseAuth: Enables or disables server authentication.
banlistURL: Defines the URL for the server's ban list.

Additional tips

Save your configuration file: Before making significant changes, consider creating a backup of your PalWorldSettings.ini file. This allows you to return to the default settings if needed.

A server reboot will be required to apply the changes.