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Recently released in Early Access, Soulmask is a sandbox survival game where you are the “last chosen one” with a mysterious mask. Survive in a primitive world steeped in ancient beliefs. Start from scratch, explore, build, form a tribe, and uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations.

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Soulmask server
10 to 20 players
Unlimited RAM
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RAM : not limited
NVMe drives
Technical support
FTP access
24/7 server
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10 slots
20 slots

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In Soulmask, you escape a sacrificial ritual to discover an ancient mask with mystical powers. This mask changes how you see the world, opening the door to new possibilities. Survive in the wilderness, find allies, create your tribe, and explore the profound mysteries behind this enigmatic mask. Immersion in this primitive world rich in ancient beliefs guarantees you a thrilling and unique adventure every time you play.

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