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Start your factories 24 hours a day with the Satisfactory servers at Nitroserv. With us, you will have the right to a manager taking advantage of the latest web technologies, the Internet and the latest machines: enough to boost your server with nitroglycerin.

Grâce à la location de serveur Foundry, le serveur est tout le temps en ligne et les usines tournent à plein régime à n'importe quelle heure de la journée.

Les serveurs seront disponible très prochainement. Inscris-toi pour ne pas les louper !
Satisfactory server
Optimized for 4 players
Unlimited RAM
Vitesse CPU : jusqu'à 4.9 GHz
Mémoire RAM : non limitée
NVMe drives
Technical support
FTP access
24/7 server
Available immediately
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Icône représentant graphiquement une personne accompagné de cubes Minecraft et d'une hache, désignant un joueur
We have 360,000+ users/players/friends
Globe terrestre
In 7 different countries all over the world
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And all this for more than 18 years

Explore and play Foundry

In Satisfactory, you are dumped by the FICSIT company on a virgin and unknown planet. Your mission: to build factories, automate the harvesting of resources and optimize systems to have an ever better yield. Tons of resources are at your disposal: minerals, plants, and even mysterious creatures.

It's still more fun to build factories with several people.
You will be able to play in the best conditions on the Satisfactory Nitroserv servers!

One Satisfactory server That's good,
A server with a Brand new manager, it's better.

To help as many of you as possible, we have designed a simple and intuitive manager to allow you to configure your server to your liking. Install, manage, configure all aspects of your Satisfactory server in one click.