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Transparent pricing

We have nothing to hide

We do not display a price based on slot price after every possible reductions. When we say 0,99€ for a Minecraft server, per month, it is the real price with no additional costs. And it can even be lowered if you decide to stay for 3, 6 or 12 consecutive months. Here at Nitroserv, there is no hidden lines to explain our prices : they are clearly displayed, and don’t have anything to hide.

We are teenagers friendly

Part of our clients are young, and sometimes it can be their first purchase on the internet. That’s why we have integrated several easier paiement solutions, but also have displayed clearly our prices, and warn when a server renting is going to expire : we want you to come again, and it we think it is possible only if we are completely honest.

Options are really optional

When you order one of our server, everything is ready to go : you have everything you need to run and manage the server. We never « add » option in your cart by default, and always deliver a reliable and complete solution. Here at Nitroserv, we truly believe that options must remains optional, and should not become something you need to pay in addition to your server.