We preparing our BF3 offers for months.

Ever since the recent merging of the well know GSP Eliott-Ness into NitroServ we have been preparing our strategy only focused on BF3. To make sure all our specs are on the best conditions, we upgraded all the hardware hosting both our website, pannel, and all the servers hosting our game servers. By ordering your server from NitroServ, you are sure to make the best choice.

Next generation hardware

After looking closely to the required ressources required to have BattleField 3 servers to run on the best conditions, We simply turned into the best CPU spec available today.

All our Battlefield 3 game servers are hosted on this minimum hardware spec: Intel i7 3,4Ghz CPU with 16Gb RAM.

A BattleField 3 custom web panel

Thought and dreamt for years, developed for months, the new NitroServ web panel has been target specifically for BattleField 3 histing. Simpler and easier to use than the previous ones from Eliott-Ness and NitroServ, the panel allows you to monitor your server faster and more closely. Not only is the panel better for you, but it also allows us to create and add to your panel new tools that will simplify your game server admin experience easily and rapidly

  • An interactive panel

    Never rented your own server ? Nothing to worry about, everything is done so that you can focus on the best part: playing !

    Our Battlefield 3 offers use a simple, interactive and powerful administration panel

  • Effective support

    Having a question or an issue with your server ? Our dedicated support team is waiting for you and will do it's best to answer your questions as fast as possible.

    Our panel allows us to take control and fix your issue easily in a few seconds.

  • A contribution system

    You are several players to contribute for your server rental ? We developed tools so you can easily contribute.

    Tokens allows you to divide the server cost between as many players as you want.