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Des serveurs haute performance

No compromise on quality

We launched Nitroserv as we were gamers looking for good machines : we were used to bad pings, freezes, too often. Virtualization, bad configurations, bad machines with slow hard drives or processors… we decided to change that, and to give in your hands powerful and reliable machines, the same we are working on a daily basis. Core i7 minimum, huge amounts of RAM, SSD drives… is a minima. Our machines belong to us, and we regularly upgrade them to give the best performances.

And independant datacenter

A lot of game servers providers rely on rented machines, available on several datacenters. That way they can sometimes cut their costs, but dont have much control on their machines and their performances. Oh, and they can’t have reliable ping on all the french territory. Our machines belong to us, are configured for the games they have to host, and are located in a much more central location in France, giving the best ping results for a much wider range of gamers.

Feel the difference

We provide a wide range of servers, going from the smallest 4slot SmallMine server, to the dedicated BattleField 4 server. In order to test the difference, we do provide several servers for free, so you can test for 1 hour (or 2 !) the machine, on the game of your choice. Give it a try, it’s worth the shot ! Try our servers for free.

They trust us