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Procedurally generated worlds, hundreds of crafting recipes, a huge and fun solo and multiplayer modes… Starbound goes far beyond Terraria and takes you on a journey across several worlds filled with hostile creatures, treasures, quests, NPCs, epic loot and so much more !

Common configurations

  1. Optimized network
  2. Min. CPU : i7 3,4Ghz
  3. Turbo boost 3,8Ghz
  4. SSD drives
  5. Automated install


  1. An exclusive control panel
  2. No hidden costs
  3. Personalized URL
  4. FTP access
  5. Offer change

Try out for free

Do you want to try out our servers before choosing us ? We give you one hour to hard test your server in game !

Try out for free

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Durée de location


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Voice Server

(you get a 50% economy discount if you order it as an option of a gameserver)


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