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Command the yellow’s

Castle Story could be simple and cute management game… but it’s actually a great construction simulation as well as a team management game ! The game is still in a beta stage, the bricktrons smart as bricks… but we are currently having a lot of fun building ultimate castles to defend ourselves from the corruptrons !

Common configurations

  1. Optimized network
  2. Min. CPU : i7 3,4Ghz
  3. Turbo boost 3,8Ghz
  4. SSD drives
  5. Automated install


  1. An exclusive control panel
  2. No hidden costs
  3. Personalized URL
  4. FTP access
  5. Offer change

Soon available

Our Castle Story server offers are still undergoing an intensive test phase to ensure you to play with flawless servers, with the best prices. Please come back later !