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I want you, you hold me

A fresh wind hits the Battlefield series with Hardline: two teams (cops and gangsters) fight in a particularly explosive game.

Our servers

  1. Ranked Server
  2. Optimized network
  3. Min. CPU : i7 3,4Ghz
  4. Turbo boost 3,8Ghz
  5. SSD drives
  6. Min. RAM : 16Gb per machine
  7. Automated install


  1. An exclusive control panel
  2. Automated messages
  3. Pay with your friends
  4. Console
  5. FTP access
  6. Procon Hosted service
  7. Offer change

Try out for free

Do you want to try out our servers before choosing us ? We give you one hour to hard test your server in game !

Try out for free

2 offers to match your needs

Public server

From 16 to 70 slots


E-sport server

14 private slots