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ARK: Survival Evolved

Your ARK: Survival Evolved Game Server

  • Low ping all over EU
  • Complete admin panel
  • Processeurs Bi-Xeon
  • FTP access included
  • Fast SSD drives
  • 256 Go RAM minimum
  • Available instantly
  • DDOS protection
  • Premium support
  • Serveur PC (non compatible consoles)

Slots amount

Renting duration

Screnshots of your manager and community tools

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Automated configuration,
instant fun.

Change your map and game settings in a couple clicks within our configurator. For advanced tweaks, you still have direct access to your config files and can modify them on the fly.


Play with your friends.
Or against them.

Spawn dinosaurs, raw materials, dino eggs and all the ARK game content easily from your manager. Your friends gonna love you. Or hate you.


Frequent updates,
rock solid servers.

ARK is still undergoing heavy development and game updates are flowing. With our new automated update system our machines takes less than an hour to stay in sync with the latest content.


Powerful and solid machines.

Ark requiert des ressources démesurées. Au moins autant que la taille de ses dinos. Nitroserv a longuement testé le jeu et est venu à la conclusion qu’il fallait lui donner à manger le meilleur matériel informatique disponible : des processeurs Bi-Xeon, disques SSD et tonnes de RAM.


Huge servers, tiny prices.

Our mutualization technologies used to share common gamefiles, and our 12 year expertise in game hosting allowed us to lower our prices… but not the performances !