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A small passionate team

Nitroserv is a strong team with a crazy level of involvement. We fight every day to improve our services and offer you the highest quality at a competitive price. Our partners will tell you that our services are impeccable and our charisma if foolproof! On top of that, we're really cute and friendly : we'll pay for the coffee if ever you come for a visit at our office! So after all that, if you're still not convinced by our sincerity...

High end hardware

Our efforts have been rewarded several times by recognized certifications in the gaming industry.
It's simple : before adding a new game to our catalog, we test the game intensely and keep an eye on the resources it needs to establish the best response times in terms of hardware. Our servers do not run on Core i7 systems for no reason, and we renew our infrastructure regularly. Try our servers out for free, and see the difference for yourself !

Positioning : Quality

It has now been more than 10 years since Nitroserv started its mission to offer the best game servers on the market. WE have always worked to make our machines more powerful, to lower the maximum ping, offer simple and complete interfaces and have technical and support services among the best.
We systematically prefer quality over quantity, and that's why we offer you to test our services for free and see for yourself, so you get an idea !

Our dream team

Julian aka the brains of the group

Nico You might not see it here, but in fact, this guy is super bright. We swear.
If Nitroserv knew how to keep its cohesion, quality of service, dynamics and it's armored humor, it's thanks to one of charismatic leaders : Julian.
A legend says that Julian offered his hat to Notch during a storm, and that he never leaved it for one second since.

Nicolas, in real life he's not that little

Nico NO this picture does not show his true value AT ALL
But that is also why we love him : in all circumstances it's a multifunction handsome man that rocks so much that we wouldn't be able to list the full extent of his competence here. That is why he is a perfect guy and we trash him with an ugly picture. Take that.

dokMixer, and it will hit the fan

Nico The DC Comic.
Freshly landed in the team for his designer and integrator qualities, his own power is to convince the auditory by clubbing it with hours of sterile discussions. It's his fault the sacred Nitroserv pill died ! Death to the bearded !

Sam, knows as the invisiblble man

Nico Sam is always here, but you never see him.
This has never been truer.
He mainly takes care of support on week-ends and usually works in the shadows... but without him, we would probably run into the very first wall we would see. And god knows that a virtual wall doesn't play games.

Drunkzz3, EASY EASY

Drunkzz3 Feed the Beast
Florian is a great guy. He brung us some nice shiny cups from the ESL to decorate our workspace and significantly increased our productivity by methodically removing us any pleasure to play Battlefield. One handed. A very nice guy. For sure.

HarryLafranc, banana smile for days

Nico We found a ginger with a soul !
Currently alternating studies with Nitroserv (congrats), Guillaume is currently learning the heavy tricks of the trade, with python in mind ! You can also find him in the GamingRoom, but that's real work, we promise.

Layenne, the AAV man

Nico Once he bites, he will never let go.
The oldest Nitroserv fan became the Community Manager andannoys takes care of the whole Battlefield scene. He spends the rest of the time shooting down planes with tanks and rocket launchers.

My tailor is Richie

Richie Respect the specs
Our most devoted grammar nazi is also the most talented hard-dev we have on our boat. This octopus worked on our top-notch secret projects, but the team is still wondering how so much talent can fit inside a such small body.