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At Nitroserv we host Ark servers since the release of the game in early access. With us you will have a manager taking advantage of the latest and the latest machines: enough to boost your server with nitroglycerin.
We've got it all covered, except for a sudden arrival of DodoRex 🦖 !

Ark Server Optimized for 10 simultaneous players
  • 999 slots
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Technical Support
  • FTP access
  • Available immediately

Why buy your Ark server from Nitroserv

Permanent Anti-DDoS

We have 360,000+ users/gamers/friends

Ticket & Discord Support

In 7 different countries around the world

Server online 24/7

And all that stuff for 15 years

Server online 24/7 Server online 24/7 Server online 24/7

Explore and build without limits on Ark

ARK: Survival Evolved is an adventure game on an island populated by prehistoric animals and other dinosaurs 🦕. The goal is to survive as long as possible by crafting your weapons and base protection.

Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, Megalodon, Giganotosaurus or simply Piranha are waiting for you throughout the game, and surviving will not be easy.
However, you will be able to play in the best conditions on your Ark Nitroserv game server!

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An Ark server is good.
A server with a brand new manager is better.

In order to help as many of you as possible, we have devised an simple and intuitive manager to allow you to configure your waiter to your sauce. Install, manage, configure all aspects of your Ark server in one click.

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