Nitroserv : 10 years of Gaming

10 years that Nitroserv has put its servers in the world of Gaming with the objective of quality. 10 years that we do everything to improve our machines and our pings.

We started in 2004 with the goal of offering better and better machines: less ping, optimized for gaming, raw performance.
Since then, we've kept the same goal and constantly renew our machines to stay ahead of the game and on top of performance. And to be on top, we also have to improve our network: few providers have total control over their hardware as well as their network. 10 years after its creation, Nitroserv is a key player in the online gaming market.

This pursuit of quality and performance excellence has also allowed us to proudly display the colors of DICE and EA Games for several years as the official Battlefield server supplier. This trust was renewed last year with the release of Battlefield 4.

But our greatest pride is without a doubt our community of players with whom we work every day to continue our adventure in a field that we are passionate about and that brings us all together: gaming.

To all of you, a huge thank you for your support. This contest we have prepared for you is very little compared to the support you show us every day, but we hope you will enjoy it! We invite you to celebrate our 10th anniversary with us.

Long live the Gaming!