Welcome to Dokmixer!

Mathieu (aka Dokmixer) joined Nitroserv today as Graphic and Community Manager, a first big news for this new year 2013!            

The story between Dokmixer and Nitroserv began at Minecon 2011 (the official Minecraft conference) which we attended. The most Minecraftiens among you probably already know him for his fabulous adventure as part of the founding team of one of the largest French-speaking Minecraft communities. Dokmixer is much more than a graphic designer with a moustache: he's also an emblematic person of the Minecraft scene, as you'll soon discover!

Dok' becomes the first "Art Director" in the history of NitroServ (and the first graphic designer by training at the same time), since it was until now a function performed by Nicolas (since the creation of Nitroserv). It's a great page turning in our team, and we're really more motivated than ever!

The community's efforts to get Dok to integrate Nitro have paid off, and we're very happy to see Dokmixer join our dream team!

2013, here we come!

The NitroServ Team