Improve the performance of your computer in Valheim

Time required: 5 minutes.

At first glance, Valheim is an early access game produced by Iron Gate that has already sold over 6 million copies. The game is already off to a remarkable start, however, being an early access game, players can sometimes encounter bugs that affect the performance of their computers on Valheim, with drops in FPS (frames per second) noted. 

Nevertheless, Nitroserv will show you how to improve the performance of your computer on Valheim with some simple tips.

1. Improve Valheim's performance using Vulkan 

For these reasons, as of February 25, Valheim officially supports Vulkan to allow players to improve the performance of their computers on Valheim.

In short, Vulkan is a modern coding architecture that has been designed to work more simply than its predecessors (older APIs).

So, for most gamers, using Vulkan will improve the performance of your computer on Valheim. Most players have gone from 24 FPS to over 30 FPS with this manipulation alone. Other players even reported that they saw their FPS double from 30 to 60.

To download the Vulkan drivers, click here.

Vulkan will allow both better graphics and increased FPS.

Once the Vulkan drivers are installed, go to Steam and browse your game library. Right click on Valheim and click on "Properties".

In the "General" tab, choose "Launch Options". Once in the text box, type "-force-vulkan" to force the activation of the Vulkan graphics API each time you launch Valheim.

Unfortunately, Steam will not remember your selection for the next few times, so go to the options and check the option to run Valheim using Vulkan every time.

2. Optimising performance with Windows settings 

Many players in the Valheim community have reported that using Vulkan has not improved in-game performance. Even worse, some players complain that using Vulkan makes Valheim even more unstable in-game.

Fortunately, you can also improve the performance of your computer on Valheim by adjusting and especially optimising it through Windows settings.

With the latest updates, Microsoft has added new enhancements within Windows to allow gamers to address issues such as FPS.

To find out if your computer can use the GPU scheduling option, press the "Start " button or the "Windows " key to open the "Start" menu.

Look in the "Graphics Settings"bar.

Enable the "Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling" option if it is present.

3. Optimise graphics settings via Valheim configuration files 

You can also improve your computer's performance on Valheim by using certain graphical settings that can be changed via the Valheim configuration files found in the game's installation directory. 

However, if you are not comfortable with this type of handling, feel free to ignore this point. 

First of all, make sure that Valheim is closed.

Next, open Steam, browse through your game library to find Valheim. Right click on Valheim and click on "Properties".

Then click on the "Local files" heading and go to "Browse".

In the window that opens, open the "valheim_Data"folder.

Right click on the "boot.config" file and select "Open with..." to open all the possibilities.

You can normally select "Notepad". Once the "boot.config" file is open in "Notepad", make the following changes: 

Add two new lines to the file by pressing the "Enter" key twice at the top of the document.

Copy the command "gfx-enable-jobs=1" and paste it on the first line.

On the second line, copy "gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1" and paste it on the second line.

You can save these changes with "Ctrl+S".

Finally, go back to Steam and launch Valheim.

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